February 28, 2020

Rate & Find LLC introduces RATE & FIND: MOVIES

Delivers more than 10 Must-Have Features and a stunning responsive User Interface

RATE & FIND LLC, SALT LAKE CITY—February 28, 2020—Rate & Find LLC today introduces Rate & Find: Movies, delivering more than 10 must-have features and a stunning user interface for its world-class web application found at https://rateandfind.com.

Rate & Find: Movies is a meticulously designed movie recommend application available for free on the internet. Must-have features include: An easy-to-use environment where members quickly find movies they love sorted from over 3,000 titles; 1-click movie streaming to a member’s favorite movie streaming service(like Amazon Prime, or Netflix); A robust movie recommend ‘engine’ powered by the MovieGenomeProject working quietly in the background to serve up new recommends for members in real time; An ultra-simple rating widget allowing members to quickly rate movies they’ve seen; Adjustable MPAA movie filtering to avoid objectionable content; A groundbreaking Content Guide that visually shows members at-a-glance movies they may want to avoid; A movie friend connector allowing members to easily join up with movie lovers of similar tastes; A best-of-the-web ‘Top 10 List Widget' for members to create their own Movie or Artist Top 10 lists to share with movie-friends and the Rate & Find Community; ‘Quicktakes’ or movie loglines and Movie Summaries assisting members in understanding at a deeper level what a movie is about; High definition movie Trailers of new and classic movies; Renowned Movie Critics and Website reviews for individual movies...and much more.

“Rate & Find: Movies eliminates the hassle of spending 20 minutes or more with your spouse trying to find a movie you want to watch. With Rate & Find: Movies you immediately begin watching,” said Ryan Fawson, Rate & Find’s Founder. “With movies in your ‘find list’ you literally are 1 click away from streaming a new movie you’ll enjoy. With an easy-to-use interface, Rate & Find: Movies is a must-have web app for anyone serious about Movies.”

System Requirements & Availability
For Chrome, PC, and Mac computers or laptops as well as PC, Chrome, or Apple Tablets and Phones connected to the internet, Rate & Find: Movies requires users to have Internet Explorer 10(released in 2011) or newer, Google Chrome 17(released in 2012) or newer, Apple’s Safari version 4(released in 2010) or newer, and an internet connection with 50 mb per second download speed or faster for streaming movie trailers. Rate & Find: Movies is available worldwide currently in English as a free service at https://rateandfind.com.

For a Video Demonstration please visit https://rateandfind.com/home/friend

RATE & FIND: MOVIES and the MovieGenomeProject both sprang from a project started almost twenty years ago... In 2001 Ryan Fawson began with a goal to watch 2 to 3 movies a week and record a brief description of each movie scene in a spreadsheet. After tracking the events, characters, and storylines of hundreds of movies...combined with a fortuitous conversation with the Founder of Pandora Music, Ryan determined to take these movie datasets and "Genome" them. With each movie now having a sophisticated genome pattern, an algorithm was created to begin a movie recommend engine. With the help of some highly talented programmers, RATE & FIND: MOVIES is the result of this nearly two decade labor of love. Now with thousands of titles available, our mission is to be the #1 Movie Recommend Site on the world wide web.

Press Contact:
Cristan Story
Rate & Find LLC

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